FusionTech Communications (FTC) is a recognized Communications contractor specializing in the Construction, Splicing, Testing and Documentation of all types of fiber optic networks. Founded in 2011, FTC is currently based out of a 13,000 square foot combination office / warehouse facility located in Livingston, New Jersey. ​We are a proud IBEW Local 164 & Local 102 contractor.


Fiber Optic Splicing & Testing

Our Fiber Optic Splicing & Testing crews are equipped with state-of-the-art Splicing, Testing, and Troubleshooting equipment. FTC’s Fiber Optic Splicing & Testing service offerings include:

  • Emergency Restoration & Troubleshooting

  • Long Haul / Metro Network Splicing & Testing

  • Building Riser Splicing

  • ROW and Roadway Splicing

  • Aerial Network Splicing

  • Circuit Testing & Documentation

  • Optical Splitter Installation

  • Optical DAS Installation


(OSP) ​Outside Plant Construction & Installation

Our Outside Plant Construction and Installation crews have installed hundreds of miles of Aerial and Underground Fiber Optic cable throughout NJ and the Five Boroughs.  FTC provides the following OSP services:

  • Rod and Rope of Underground Utility Ducts

  • Underground Fiber Optic Cable Placement

  • Aerial Make-Ready

  • Messenger Strand Placement

  • Aerial Fiber Optic Cable Installation

  • Aerial Lashing 

  • Small Cell Installation & Testing


(ISP) ​Inside Plant Construction & Installation

Since 2011, our Inside Plant Construction & Installation crews have successfully completed more than 600 building risers and installed nearly 100 miles of fiber optic cable within the area’s high rise buildings. FTC provides the following ISP services:

  • Fiber Optic Riser / Lateral Cable Installation

  • Riser Closet Clean-Up / Cable Removal

  • MDF and IDF Room Build-Out

  • Fiber Management & Duct Installation

  • Ladder Rack Installation 

  • Equipment Rack & Cabinet Installation

  • Voice and Data Cabling

  • Central Office Installation

  • Core Drilling

  • EMT  / GRC Pipe Installation

  • Conduit Proofing


Vehicles & Equipment 

FTC maintains a fleet of modern vehicles and support equipment. Our crews are equipped with splicing and testing equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. FTC utilizes the following Vehicles & Equipment:

  • Custom Built Climate Controlled Fiber Optic Splice Labs

  • 3500’ Conduit Rodder Trucks with Capstans

  • Reel Carrier Trucks with Capstans

  • Underground Installation Support Trucks

  • Cable Reel Trailers

  • Aerial Bucket Vans

  • Utility / Cable Placer Bucket Trucks

  • ISP Installation / Service Vans

  • Fujikura Single & Ribbon Fusion Splice Machines 

  • Anritsu / CMA OTDRs


  • EXFO FOT 930 Power Meters

  • EXFO Visual Fault Locators

  • EXFO Optical Inspection Scopes